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Beljo Toys is a company located in Suldal, Norway. We would like our toys to trigger children's creativity, but as all adults know, children have limited patience. Therefore, our products are developed in the belief that children should learn while they play. Intuitive play and creativity stimulate children's imagination and the urge to research. Fast results give positive experiences of coping ability - which is important for children.

With Beljo Toys, the child will have a lot of quality time both during assembly and play, at the same time as they learn basic physical and mechanical principles.

Beljo Toys is characterized by solid components and that the toys can be quickly rebuilt.

The built-in intelligence with the help of the magnetism in the wooden blocks, ensures a correct and "magical" assembly of the blocks, which both makes them firmly attached. The "Twist Off" technology makes it easy to take the pieces apart. The magic, magnetic function, makes it fun to play.

The company was established by a family father with  3 boys who all love challenges. Beljo Toys was born out of one of Norway's many beautiful valleys and carries with it messages of healthy values ​​and important principles for children's development. The series' first products are inspired by the main industry in the area where the toys originate from; namely agriculture, forestry and mining.

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Terje Gundersen is the founder of Beljo Toys. He came up with the toy idea while playing with his three sons. Through constant irritation that a number of purchased toys often ended up in the bin after a short time, he wanted to make good traditional toys of solid quality, but with a modern twist. From mind to idea to action, the toy concept from Beljo became a reality.


The name "Beljo" is based on the first letters of his child's name (Baard, ELias and JOnas)., They were, after all, the main reason why the toy idea appeared. As a trained teacher, Terje is also concerned about the children's social and thecnical development through the children's inherent eagerness to learn through activity and play.


The best learning happens when you find joy in the game and the activity brings out smiles and laughter. Terje wants with Beljo Toys to create smiles and to make toys that can create playfulness. It has been a fantastic but demanding journey to develop this toy concept, Terje admits.


Now many development hours and infinitely many sleepless nights have led to Beljo Toys finally being able to launch a toy concept of high quality and with great play value.

It starts with a handful of products, but there will be much more of new products over time, which can be combined with existing toys and create completely new vehicles, while several parts also leave much room for fantasy building.


Terje explains that all the individual parts of the products can be combined, so that children can use their creativity to create new vehicles. The parts are universal, so one set can be combined with other current and future products from Beljo Toys.

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